Eligible Veterans Get a Valuable Graduate Degree at No Cost Thanks to Yellow Ribbon Program

“We want veterans in our programs. Veterans make great students. They have a great skillset. They offer a diverse and global perspective in the classroom. They are great leaders, team members and they represent our brand very well.”

-Brad Rosenwinkel, Executive Director of Daniels’ Graduate Admissions and Academic Services

It can be a difficult transition to go from a military career to the civilian working world. For veterans who wish to return to school post-military commitment, they’re in good company with University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business. Their unique Yellow Ribbon Program provides free graduate-level business programs to eligible veterans in order to equip themselves with the latest business knowledge to support their long-term career goals.

yellow ribbon program at university of denver

The University of Denver knows the importance of quality education, especially for those returning to the books after years of following the orders of their military branch. With a dedicated Veterans Services office that assists veterans and their families with the service-to-student transition, as well as having former military members on staff, it’s no wonder why it’s ranked on the U.S. News & World Report’s list of “Best Colleges for Veterans”.

Veterans have one-of-a-kind life experiences that no civilian could ever possess, but going from a uniform to a suit and tie can be a rough switch. After leading troops or analyzing enemy intelligence for so many years, many vets may be confused as to how to start this new chapter in their lives. Veterans can take heart knowing that they hold valuable leadership skills and know what it means to honor a commitment – both traits that business schools look for in prospective students.

For those who sacrificed their time and energy to bravely defend our country, all by raising their hand to take an oath, free education is the very least any university can offer to our nation’s veterans.

For military veterans getting an undergraduate degree, here’s a list that’ll prepare you for the next four years