The Colorado Rockies’ baseball games are one of the best summer activities to do in Denver. Catch up on how their season is going below.

The Colorado Rockies have already played 115 games this season, which means you have watched them 115 times, right? Yeah, neither have I. But I do read about them every day. There are still about 50 games left so don’t worry if you feel as though the MLB season has passed right by.

In fact, these last two months are the perfect time to get caught up. Manager Bud Black has done a tremendous job leading the team to a 60-win and 54-loss record in his second year with the Rockies. The team is just two games back of the Arizona Diamondbacks for the NL West divisional title. 

Last year, the Rockies finished as a Wild Card entry team. The Wild Card is earned by the top two teams in each conference who didn’t win their division. Since the Los Angeles Dodgers won the NL West, the Diamondbacks were awarded the other Wild Card bid.

The problem with the Wild Card is that it’s a one-game elimination. Imagine grinding for 162 games over eight months and having a successful season, only to have it all decided by one game. After the Wild Card matchup, the other series are five games or seven games long. By winning the division, the Rockies can avoid the same fate as last year when they lost the game.

So How Did We Get Here?

Luckily, the Rockies have benefited from playing in a division where no team has jumped out to a big lead. The leading Diamondbacks have 64 wins which would only be leading one of the other six divisions. Point blank, the Dodgers were supposed to run away with this division but instead left the door open

The Dodgers have struggled with injuries all season and are finally starting to get healthy, but it may be too late. Their future Hall of Famer pitcher Clayton Kershaw is starting to look like himself. 

The Diamondbacks installed a Humidor at their home stadium and the effect on the baseballs has ruined some of their pitchers seasons. The Humidor affects the pitcher’s ability to grip a ball and how hard the ball can get hit. Once the pitchers are adjusted to the different feel, they begin to face issues on the road. 

Now it’s time for the Rockies to capitalize with 50 games left. All three teams added players at the trade deadline. The Rockies attempted to bolster their bullpen, which is currently ranked 29th out of 30 in earned runs allowed, by adding Seunghwan Oh.

Now You’re Caught Up, Which Games Should You Be Looking Ahead to for the Rest of August?

Every single game is going to have a playoff atmosphere from here on out. Baseball is already an intense game with the focus constantly on one player from each team. You can find the schedule here, but there are certain series (consecutive games against the same opponent) that will make or break the Rockies’ season.

The World Series Astros arrive in town on August 14-15; this series will follow four games against the Dodgers. The Rockies will need to beat one of the best teams in the league in order to maintain their lead, or cut into the Dodgers’ lead. 

It doesn’t get any easier when Colorado has to travel to Atlanta to face the Braves, who are also fighting for a playoff spot. The remaining games in the month of August will be played against teams who are longshots to make the playoffs. During this time, the Rockies need to win at a very high rate to attempt to build a lead for the final stretch of the season in September.

What do you think? Do the Rockies have a shot at the making it to the postseason? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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