The NFL preseason has kicked off! So get ready for fantasy football and learn how to draft like a champion.

There can only be one winner each year in fantasy football and, unfortunately, 90 percent of fantasy football players will be sorely disappointed by the end of December. While not everyone will draft a champion, we all deserve to draft like champions.

Deciding between buying a draft board or doing the draft on computers is the first step to throwing a fantasy football draft so epic that it can be bragged about to everyone in the office. If you want to go for the full professional appearance, an NFL officially licensed draft board is the call (buy it on Amazon here). If you do not want to go the “corporate” route, go ahead and make your own draft board and cover the frame with insults aimed at each member in the league.

Once the method of drafting is determined, it’s time to locate the destination of debauchery. Suppose you are looking for a classic bar setting, the Dive Inn on Broadway is the perfect location. With affordable drinks, fantastic fried chicken, and plenty of space, it’s an excellent setting for any draft. 

Looking for a setting where no league has drafted before? Well, Denver is conveniently located near tons of wilderness and a campout fantasy football draft might be just the start to the season your league is looking for. What’s crazier than a draft from the top of a mountain or cracking a cold one while fishing?

If golfing is the league’s second favorite activity, you can host your fantasy football draft at Top Golf. Speaking of golf, who is tired of determining their fantasy football draft order by a random number generator? Let’s all be better commissioners and make the selection of draft spots a privilege. Perhaps the league member with the farthest drive at the driving range gets to pick the draft order.

If you’re adventurous enough to be on a boat or lake, the biggest caught fish is a great idea. If the league is drafting at a bar, set up a ping-pong or pool tournament.

Unfortunately, for all the hard working commissioners out there, once the draft starts there’s still work to be done. While most league members are able to conjure up energy on their own, others may need a little nudge. Creating a penalty system for slow drafters or player name slaughterers is a great way to build intensity during the draft.

For instance, in my own draft, due to a lot of scheduling conflicts it had to be hosted on Thursday. It was a very early draft and there will be owners with injured players before the season even starts. I highly recommend drafting around week three or four of the preseason.

No matter what you choose to do for your draft, make it engaging and please do it in person. The league will be more fun all season long if everyone begins the season with some face-to-face trash talking.

What do you think? Do you have any other tips for the fantasy football season? Let us know in the comments below, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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