If you’ve ever been curious as to how kangaroo meat would taste (say, perhaps, in burger form), then Barbed Wire Reef is the place — for kangaroo burgers, rattlesnake brats, and much more!

At Barbed Wire Reef, exotic meat is the name of the (wild) game. With a fleet of three food trucks, Barbed Wire Reef owner Rico Aragon has been taking his game meat concept up and down the city of Denver since 2011, introducing his gourmet creations to anyone who’s, um, “game.” (Too much? Okay.)

In all seriousness, though, Aragon is passionate about his wild game meat concept. The menu is simply stacked with exotic options — including alligator, camel, boar, ostrich, duck, pheasant, antelope, buffalo, elk, venison, veal, kangaroo, rattlesnake, shark, and traditional seafood. And for their less ambitious patrons, Barbed Wire Reef carries regular Angus beef, too, as well as beet burgers for the vegetarians in the crowd.

“Our food is not just an adventure in bravery, but an adventure in taste,” Aragon says on his website.

We got the chance to visit with Aragon a little bit. Check out this quick video below …

So now he’s ready to take his popular, award-winning food truck biz to the next level by opening a 3,000-square-foot permanent restaurant space at 4499 W. 38th Ave., in a former auto repair shop building in Denver. A craft brewery will be leasing the other half of the space.

The Barbed Wire Reef brick-and-mortar location will accommodate 100 patrons indoors and another 40 on an outdoor patio. It will also include a full bar (because if you’re gonna try some exotic meat, you’re gonna need a stiff drink, right??), and will serve lunch and dinner every day, along with a weekend brunch. The restaurant will open this fall. 

food truck

Courtesy of Taj Nahar

So what should you order when you visit? Well, according to BusinessDen, Aragon says that his most popular menu items are the chipotle BBQ pulled wild boar sandwich and the blackened Ahi tuna sandwich. No matter what you get, though, you can rest assured that all the meats are high-quality and sourced from farms in Colorado and around the U.S., as well as from countries that have strict food-processing policies in place.

And the hand-cut fries and aiolis are pretty delicious, too!

Courtesy of Barbed Wire Reef

Can’t wait for the restaurant to open? Check out Civic Center Eats each Tuesday for the Barbed Wire Reef food truck, or check out their website and Facebook page to find out where else they’ll be parked and when!

Have you visited this food truck before? What exotic meat would you recommend we try? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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