The gorgeous Silverthorne horse ranch where Thunder, the Denver Broncos’ mascot, spends his summers, is up for sale.

Got $23 million lying around? You wish, right?! Yeah, me too.

Triple Creek Ranch — the 255-acre summer home to Thunder (the Denver Broncos’ mascot) — has been listed for sale, and it can be all yours for a cool 23 mil.

Called “one of the finest private horse ranches available for purchase in the Rocky Mountains” on its LIV Sotheby’s real estate listing, the Silverthorne, Colorado, property includes two large single-family log homes (one with 6,000+ square feet and another with 7,000+ square feet), a professional indoor riding arena, a 10-stall stable, and a private horse stable, along with a barn with workshop and three other residences for ranch staff. 

Plus, the ranch’s 255 acres consists of seven ponds, multiple creeks (three, perhaps?), gorgeous fields, aspen groves, and miles of riding and hiking trails.

Then, there are the views. Lovely, scenic Colorado views.

First built in the ’90s, the Triple Creek Ranch has been owned by Sharon Magness Blake (an Arabian horse breeder and philanthropist) and Ernie Blake (an attorney and former mayor of Breckenridge) since 2003. And Magness Blake has owned Thunder — the Arabian horse famous for riding up and down the field whenever the Broncos score — since the early ’90s.

If you think that’s a long time for a single horse to be a team mascot, you would be correct: According to Bloomberg, there have been four Thunders in total. The first one died in 2009, and the second one is retired. Thunder III, as they call the current mascot, was born in 2000 and has officially served as the Broncos’ mascot since Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014 (otherwise known as the one we lost). That Thunder grew up at Triple Creek Ranch. A fourth Thunder is in training. 

So why are Magness Blake and her husband selling such a magnificent ranch?

“We’re very sad about selling,” Magness Blake told Bloomberg. “We’re conflicted, but it gets down to being practical. We’re getting older, and we have to look forward to doing things appropriate to our age.”

Plus, the couple has many obligations in Denver, which keep them in the city most of the time. “We haven’t gotten there [to the ranch] more than a week a year, for the last several years,” Blake said, adding that the cost of operating the ranch became “hard to justify.”

Just to be clear: Thunder is not included with the sale. 

For more information, check out the property’s website! And if you buy it, please contact us at and invite us up for a weekend getaway! #findersfee

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