Don’t Order These Rolls If You Blush Easily

Many sushi restaurants have unique names for their rolls that help customers remember their favorites for the next visit. Many of these restaurants get a little naughty in their choice of roll names at the detriment of the one who orders out loud. Some may giggle. Some may get red. Some may wish they ordered delivery instead.

sushi rolls

Sushi Den

Big O Roll — With spicy yellowtail, burdock root, minty shiso leaf, and salmon among the delectable ingredients in the Big O, this roll makes for a climatic addition to your order.


Yakuza Roll –– Not willing to lose a finger or get a full-body tattoo? Consider this the closest you’ll ever get to the Japanese mob. This seaweed-wrapped roll is stuffed with spicy salmon and avocado and topped with eel sauce, radish sprouts, and crunchy fried onions.

Coconut Gigolo Roll — This hearty roll is wrapped in soy paper and includes shrimp tempura, crab, mango, and avocado. Get ready for the toppings because here comes spicy aioli, eel sauce, and roasted coconut flakes. This is a great choice for “sushi for one” because you ain’t got nobooooody! 

Hapa Sushi

Multiple Orgasm Roll — Quite popular with the ladies, this thick roll has cream cheese, California mix, and smoked salmon tempura. The roll is broiled in a spicy Japanese aioli then drizzled lovingly with sweet soy sauce.

69 Roll — Similar to the Multiple Orgasm, the 69 is a shrimp tempura party in your mouth. Don’t talk. Just eat.

Osaka Sushi

Play Boy Roll — For you hip bachelors out there, this roll has shrimp tempura and spicy tuna that’s topped with salmon, avocado, and Osaka’s special sauce. Order this one and claim you only eat it for the avocados.

Play Girl Roll — The crab meat and spicy tuna combo are enough to satisfy any coastal transplant. Allegedly it’s Burt Reynolds’ favorite.

Banzai Sushi

Hot Nutz Roll — A great choice barring any nut allergies, this soy-wrapped roll is made with macadamia nuts, tuna, jalapenos, toasted coconut, cucumber, and avocado.

Well? Did any catch your eye — erm, tongue? Let us know in the comments below.

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