Remember the armed FBI agent who attempted a backflip in a Denver bar and accidentally shot a bystander? He’s been arrested and booked into jail.

When we first reported on the original incident, most of the commenters on social media demanded justice. They were questioning how that FBI agent — now identified as Chase Bishop — wasn’t arrested on the spot.

The story was just too bizarre not to get nationwide coverage. An armed FBI agent (presumably drinking) tried to do a backflip on the dance floor at Mile High Spirits Distillery. While he was inverted, his loaded and chambered pistol fell out of his holster and hit the ground.

As is the case with most modern pistols, his weapon was “drop safe.” That means that the manufacturer designed the gun to make sure it would not fire when dropped. However, like any firearm, it does fire when the trigger is pulled. The video captured from that night shows how it was only after FBI Agent Chase Bishop grabbed the gun by its trigger that the handgun fired.

The bullet struck a man in the leg. The video then shows Bishop walk off, seemingly unaware that he had just shot a man.

It took Denver Police one week to arrest Chase Bishop. A spokesperson for the Denver Police Department said that the delay stemmed from “additional investigating that needed to be done.”

The Denver Attorney’s Office has charged Chase Bishop with Second Degree Assault for shooting a bar patron in the leg. Though, the DA’s office says that more charges could come down once they receive the results of his toxicology test.

“We are filing this charge now rather than waiting until the BAC report is received, which we understand could take another week, because sufficient evidence has been presented to file it,” Denver District Attorney Beth McCann explained.

If the toxicology test confirms that Bishop was drunk when he attempted the 12:45 a.m. armed-backflip, then the most likely charge would be illegally carrying a firearm while under the influence of intoxicating liquors or drugs. However, while motor vehicle laws define a maximum Blood Alcohol Content before someone can be charged with drunk driving, Colorado’s firearm laws allow for charges to be brought against someone for even having one drink. It is up to the arresting police officer’s and his or her discretion to decide whether or not someone is carrying a firearm while under the influence.

Which actually raises more questions. If the first police officers on the scene had the power to arrest Chase Bishop then and there, why is the District Attorney waiting for toxicology results? Did the FBI agent refuse a breathalyzer?

His negligence sent a man to the hospital with a bullet wound. The round actually knicked an artery, causing the victim to lose a lot of blood and need crutches to recover. All of this was caught on video and after a week, he’s only been charged with Second Degree Assault?

Chase Bishop’s first court appearance was held on Wednesday, June 13. That hearing was largely preliminary, but his defense attorney did request that Bishop be allowed to travel back to Washington, D.C., for work. The motion suggests that the FBI has not yet fired Bishop.

In other news, several moose have been spotted in Snowmass Village.