Get Your Kid Started Early with STEM & Digital Media Camps

If your son or daughter is the type who would rather spend their summer coding a webpage, performing science experiments, or filming friends doing backyard parkour than join a little league, you ought to consider sending them to a camp that specializes in these hobbies. Jobs in digital media and STEM are in demand now more than ever and summer is the best time to get your kid into a camp that gives them a head start in these industries.


iDTech’s camps are hosted at universities all over the country and offer lessons on 3D printing, robotics, cybersecurity, and making video games. Programs are available for kids as young as seven and as old as 19, making it ideal for a pre-college experience.

Junior National Leadership Conference

Here your child will get hands-on experience in STEM projects, medical training, forensic science, neurology, and many other exciting programs held at the nation’s top universities.


Camp Woodward

If your kid is the neighborhood shutterbug or considers Michael Bay a hero, look no further than Camp Woodward’s Tehachapi, CA; Woodward, PA; or Lake Tahoe locations. These branches of Camp Woodward offer video production and digital photography that lets them capture extreme sports on film.

Digital Media Academy

Created by professionals at Stanford University, Digital Media Academy lets young minds explore web development, computer programming, engineering, and animation to name a few. Your kid will learn from seasoned professionals in an in-depth learning environment using the latest in industry technology.

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