It’s More Than Just Mashing The Gas!

Getting behind the wheel of a go-kart is probably the closest most of us will ever come to an open-wheel race car, and if you’re a gearhead, you probably take it just as seriously. That means it’s all about the bragging rights and who’s the fastest on the track, but if you just try to mash the gas and muscle the kart around the track Mario Kart style, you’re not going to be fast.

So if you want to stand on the podium, listen up! We’ve got some tips from professional racers that’ll help you dominate your friends.

Smooth is Fast

We know it looks cool to slide around a turn, but it’s not fast. The key to karting is to keep your momentum and sliding — while the result of momentum — doesn’t help you maintain it. You also want to be ‘Billy Dee Williams smooth’ with all of your movements, again, in the interest of maintaining momentum.

Choose the Correct Line

Because karting is a game of momentum you want to choose the line that’ll help you carry the most speed around the track. Watch other racers and mimic the line of the fastest driver to try and get your line.

Brake in a Straight Line

If you’re braking in turns you’re scrubbing speed and losing momentum. It’s always better to brake before the turn and then accelerate through the turn, at least according to former NASCAR champ Kurt Busch.

Sit as Far Forward as You Can

Sit with as much weight on the front of the kart as you can. Granted, don’t sacrifice your ability to operate the vehicle, but the kart is naturally back heavy so distributing your weight over the front of the kart will help put some weight over the front tires and give you more grip.

That’s all, folks! Got some karting tips? Where’s your favorite place to trade paint? Let us know in the comments below!

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