Remember when Oreo O’s, aka the best cereal ever, came back into our lives in 2017? Well, get ready for its equally delicious sibling: Golden Oreo O’s.

Last year, Oreo O’s finally became a part of our lives again after a 10-year hiatus off the shelves. And soon, a Golden Oreo O’s version will be entering our lives and, hopefully, it’ll be here to stay.

The popular breakfast cereal was a staple in my home growing up and was one of the ways my parents actually got me to eat in the morning. Then again, it was (and still is) filled to the brim with sugar and isn’t exactly what I’d call “healthy,” but hey, it got the job done!

When I heard that the classic cereal was making a comeback, this time in Golden Oreo form, I got super excited. Like probably waaay more than I should’ve for a 20-something-year-old … but that’s not the point.

The point is: Golden Oreo O’s are coming!

Food blogger Junk Banter reported that the cereal is expected to be released at Walmart in June 2018, with more retailers nationwide joining in a few months later.

The food blogger described the cereal as “golden corn pieces covered in a glistening creme coating.” Um, YUM!

What do you think? Will you be grabbing yourself a box of Golden Oreo O’s when they hit stores this summer? Which Oreo flavor do you prefer: classic or golden? Also, are you more of a cookie or cream person? Sound off in the comments below!

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