On Friday, May 4, a local nonprofit oversaw the transfer of 100 dogs to Colorado from high-kill animal shelters in Texas and New Mexico.

Approximately 100 dogs were flown to safety at Centennial Airport on Friday, May 4, as part of an effort to rescue dogs in high-kill shelters and give them a chance at adoption in dog-friendly Colorado.

Colorado rescue From Forgotten to Forever Rescue and Transport partnered with national nonprofit Dog Is My CoPilot to fly the dogs from kill shelters in Texas and New Mexico. The dogs — which are of a variety of ages and of a variety of breeds — will soon be available for adoption at numerous rescue agencies throughout the state.

KKTV reported that the dogs have been “seen by a veterinarian and were issued a health certificate and age appropriate vaccinations.” The following organizations from around Colorado will be involved in finding the animals new homes:

The Good Dog Rescue | Westminster
MaxFund No-Kill Shelter | Denver
BarkaBull Rescue | Colorado Springs
Big Bones Canine Rescue | Windsor
Bounce Rescue | Fort Collins
Evergreen Animal Protection League | Evergreen
Animal Rescue of the Rockies | Aurora
New Hope Cattle Dog Rescue of Colorado | Aurora
Animal Debt Project | Wellington
Hope for Animals | Georgetown
Outpaws Rescue | Denver
Brighter Days Rescue | Boulder
Farfel’s Farm Rescue | Boulder
Do Over Dogs | Broomfield
LowRiders of the West Rescue
Colorado Rescue Tails | Denver
My Second Home Rescue | Nunn

In Roswell, New Mexico, where many of the dogs on this transfer were from, animals are given seven days to be claimed by their owner, adopted, or pulled by a rescue organization. If no action has been taken on the eighth day, the dog is then put to sleep. As a result, nonprofit From Forgotten to Forever works to pull those animals from Roswell Animal Control and transport them to foster homes and rescue organizations in Colorado, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming.

According to their website, Dog Is My Co-Pilot flies “animals from areas of the United States where they are not wanted to areas of the United States where they are in demand. There is no charge to the animal welfare organizations for whom DIMC flies…the planes fly on public donations alone.”

What do you think? Will you be contacting one of these organizations to talk about giving a new home to one of these rescued dogs? Leave a comment below!

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