When we heard the unusual story about this Colorado pizza delivery, we knew it was something that we just had to share.

“It was a dark and stormy night, the fire was doused by the monsoonal rains, and the campers were hungry …”

That’s how Sean Simon, the owner of Peppino’s Pizza and Subs in Frisco, Colorado, tells it anyway.

What actually happened was that Denver resident Tom Kornuc and a group of friends had headed up to Peak One Campground at Dillon Reservoir for an end-of-summer camping weekend. Some of the friends were newbies to the camping experience, so they chose to set up camp at Peak One because of its proximity to Frisco.

“After spending the day exploring the islands on Dillon Reservoir on my kayak, I developed a specific craving for dinner that I knew wouldn’t be quenched by hotdogs or camp snacks,” Kornuc explains. “I jokingly said that I wished I had a pizza, and somebody suggested I see if any of the pizza places in town would deliver to the campsite.”

Lucky for Kornuc, Peppino’s was up to the task.

“While not an everyday request, we will (and do) deliver to the campgrounds adjacent to Frisco,” Simon says, adding that campers should be sure to include the campground name, their campsite lot number, and their cell phone number when calling in their order. (Nobody wants a lost delivery driver to have to survive on pizza in the Colorado wilderness. Though, that wouldn’t be the worst way to go …).

Screenshot of Google Maps, Frisco, CO

Anywho, within a short amount of time, Kornuc was sitting outside his tent “eating a fresh, hot pepperoni pizza” to his heart’s content.

“It’s sort of cheating when compared to full-on camping,” he admits. “But I can live with that.”

Courtesy of Tom Kornuc

Simon notes that Peppino’s can often be backed up a couple hours on deliveries, so campers should plan accordingly. Even so, he and his staff — being Coloradans themselves — are in full support of delivering a pizza to the Colorado wild — or anywhere their customers might find themselves with an insatiable pizza craving (within reason, of course!).

“Does it get any better than enjoying a good pizza by the campfire light while camping in the Summit County High Country?” he asks. “We don’t think so!”

So next time you work up an appetite while doing outdoorsy things in our great state, just know you have options.

What do you think? Have you ever ordered a pizza to a campsite? Would you? What’s the most outrageous meal you’ve ever had while camping? Tell us in the comments below!

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