Love poutine? Don’t know what it is? A little bit of Canada is coming to Denver for a short time!

It’s gravy, it’s french fries, it’s cheese curds — it’s heaven. Our neighbors to the north are bestowing their greatest delicacy upon us. Air Canada will be opening a pop-up poutine shop on 15th and Market streets in downtown Denver this weekend!!

If you’re a big fan of poutine, I know you’re hype for this. Though there are plenty of places around Denver that serve poutine, there really is nothing like tried-and-true Canadian-made poutine — and we really hope/assume Canadians will be making the french-fry-gravy-amazingness at this pop-up.


Courtesy of Just Opened London

The pop-up poutinerie will serve classic poutine, along with several other international variations of the dish. Each variation is inspired by Air Canada’s destinations, including Brisbane, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, and Melbourne.

Each poutine is $5 — you can also purchase wine and Colorado-local beers for $3. The pop-up … popped up … Thursday, April 12, but the poutinerie will run until April 18. Stop by from 1 – 10 p.m. through the 14th. The shop is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., the 15th – 18th.

Will you be visiting the Air Canada pop-up poutinerie? Let us know what you thought!

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