We braved the cold and wet to venture down to LoDo in search of the most dedicated Colorado Rockies fans on Opening — er, “SNOWpening Day.” Here are some of our faves!

How does the United States Post Office motto begin? “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers …” Well, the same could be said of die-hard Colorado Rockies fans! Through snow, rain, heat, or gloom of night, Rockies fans are nothing if not dedicated!

Check out the fan gear of some of the Rockies’ most enthusiastic fans andĀ gauge their commitment level!

Cozy Kiddos!

A little bit of snow didn’t keep these young Rockies fans from coming out for Opening Day!

All That Glam!

Rockies fans Jessica and Shawna (Image credit: Jen Cage, Our Community Now)

These gals sported sequins and feather boas at pre-game festivities!

The Faceless Fan

(Image credit: Max McGuire, Our Community Now)

No words. Literally — there were no words exchanged. We can only hope that wherever he is, he’s managing to stay warm.

Flower Crown

Kaye at her 22nd Opening Day! (Image credit: Jen Cage, Our Community Now)

The top of the Rockies-themed flower crown is a little hard to see, but the ribbon tendrils cascade down Longmont resident Kaye’s neck and back! This is the 22nd Opening Day that Kaye has attended!


Deborah and Lori (Image credit: Jen Cage, Our Community Now)

We caught up with Deborah and Lori, who’d donned every single piece of Rockies gear each of them owns (and then some) in hopes of keeping warm! (We’re lovin’ the pom-pom belt!)

Wiggin’ Out!

Linda (Image credit: Jen Cage, Our Community Now)

“I woke up this morning and was like, ‘Do I do my hair or wear a hat?’ So I did neither!” Linda said.

“Or, you did BOTH,” we responded.



Ari Gula (Image credit: Jen Cage, Our Community Now)

His accent color is purple, in real life. We promise.

Snowman Guys

You’re having a pre-game beer on The Viewhouse patio, and the snow keeps piling up on your table. So what do you do? Well, if you’re Scott and Charlie, you build yourself a mini snowman!

Classic Nod to the ’90s

Aaron sports his retro Rockies windbreaker! (Image credit: Jen Cage, Our Community Now)

Aaron’s throwing it back to the Rockies’ early years with his retro windbreaker! We actually saw a lot of this look around LoDo!


Jaimie and Dominic (Image credit: Jen Cage, Our Community Now)

“We didn’t even mean to!” this matching couple insisted.

Riiiiiiight. We have to admit, though — They’re pretty cute. The couple that roots for the Rockies together stays together, yes?

Did you go all-out for Opening Day? Or did you see another Rockies fan who did? How did the cold weather treat you? What did you do to stay warm? We’d love for you to upload a photo in the comments! We want to see all that Colorado Rockies spirit! Go, Rockies!

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