Social media network Facebook is expanding its corporate presence in Denver, with a possible 22,800 square feet of downtown office space.

Facebook is looking to increase its footprint in Denver big-time. From 10 new technology job listings on their careers page to zoning approval for a 22,800 square-foot office space downtown, the social network company seems to be working on growing its presence in the city.

Though no lease has been signed as of yet, Facebook has received zoning approval on a seventh-floor office space at 1900 16th Street. According to the building’s leasing brochure,

“… each floor can accommodate up to 7 corner offices and 90 – 110 standard offices and work stations. In addition, the space will facilitate multiple Conference Rooms, a generous Reception Area, IT and Storage, Central Filing, Copy Room, and Break Room.”

Facebook is known for creating trendy office spaces and a fun, comfortable work environment. Here are images from some of their other offices around the world:

There are currently only 10 Denver jobs listed on Facebook’s career page, including:

There’s no word on how many people they’re looking to fill each position.

Facebook currently operates out of a shared co-working space called Thrive Workplace. A lease at 1900 16th Street would give them a permanent location and room for growth.

What do you think? Would you like to work for Facebook? Do you think you’re qualified for one of their jobs? Tell us in the comments!¬†And welcome to Denver, Facebook! We’re excited to have you!

Will Facebook’s office space compete with Google’s in terms of trendiness? See pics of Google’s Boulder office here!