The wealthy are among us — like really wealthy. According to Forbes, 11 Coloradans are among the world’s 2,208 billionaires.

It might sound hard to believe, but a whopping .004 percent of the world’s billionaires actually live in Colorado.

In Forbes’ 2018 rankings, Charles Ergen, 65, of Denver, is touted as the richest person in the state. His $13.4 billion fortune (he built DISH Network from the ground up) puts him in 106th place, worldwide.

The second wealthiest Coloradan is investor Philip Anschutz, 78, who “built fortunes in oil, railroads, telecom, real estate, and entertainment” over five decades. The Denver resident is worth $13 billion, placing him at No. 108 in the world.

Other Coloradans made the billionaires list include:

John Malone ($8.1 billion, No. 186) | Cable television | 77 years old | Elizabeth, CO

James Packer ($4.1 billion, No. 427) | Casinos | 50 years old | Aspen, CO

Pat Stryker ($3.3 billion, No. 703) | Medical equipment | 61 years old | Fort Collins, CO

James Leprino ($3.1 billion, No. 766) | Leprino Foods (cheese) | 80 years old | Indian Hills, CO

Kenneth Tuchman ($1.5 billion, No. 1561) | Outsourcing | 58 years old | Denver, CO

Gary Magness ($1.4 billion, No. 1560) | Cable TV, investments | 64 years old | Denver, CO

Cargill MacMillan, III ($1.3 billion, No. 1756) | Cargill, agriculture | 58 years old | Boulder, CO

William MacMillan ($1.3 billion, No. 1756) | Cargill, agriculture | 63 years old | Englewood, CO

Thomas Bailey ($1.2 billion., No. 1867) | Janus Mutual Funds | 81 years old | Aspen, CO

View Forbes’ full list and billionaire bios here.

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