Former Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is a wanted man. As he looks for the next step in his career, the world is seriously his (Rocky Mountain) oyster.

He’s been lying low following his Super Bowl win with the Denver Broncos two years ago, but now, it sounds like Peyton Manning is on the hunt for his next career move.

Since his retirement from the NFL in 2016, Manning (who still lives in Denver!) has been filling his days with family time, carpooling, speaking engagements, traveling, and his kids’ sports practices and games. But now he’s reportedly ready for the next step, and the timing couldn’t be better — if TV’s his goal, that is.

Both ESPN’s Monday Night Football and FOX’s Thursday Night Football are looking for primetime color commentators, and Manning is said to be the top choice for both positions, even considering the multi-million-dollar contract he would require.

The knowledge and experience of former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has transferred well into the color commentary role for CBS this past year, quickly garnering him a favorite among audiences.

ESPN and FOX are now looking to replicate that magic on their own networks, with ESPN searching for Jon Gruden’s replacement and FOX assembling a broadcast team for their new Thursday broadcast. In each case, it’s said that Manning would have a say in who his play-by-play partner would be.

But is it even a job that Manning wants? Well, maybe. At least for now.

Multiple sources claim that Manning’s longterm goal is to run football operations for his own NFL team — like John Elway does for the Broncos. But it would need to be the right fit, and those kinds of opportunities are not readily available at the moment. So, a position in broadcasting could be a good segue — a solid once-a-week job while his kids (first grade twins) are still in their elementary school years.

So we want to know what you think! Would Peyton Manning be a good color commentator? Which network do you think he should go to? And who should he partner with — who would your dream team be in the booth? We’d love to hear your comments! Weigh in below!

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