Get your weed and your munchies all in one spot — at least until the end of the Girl Scouts’ cookie season.

Girl Scouts of Colorado has revised its policy on cookie sales. The Girl Scouts are now allowed to set up shop outside marijuana dispensaries — a move that could potentially skyrocket their cookie sales in the Centennial State, amiright?

In fact, when one enterprising Girl Scout pulled up her cookie wagon outside a dispensary in San Diego earlier this month, she ended up selling 300 boxes of cookies within six hours — a perfect example of knowing one’s audience!

At the time, reactions on Twitter were mixed:

Courtesy of Twitter

Courtesy of Twitter

But if you know anything about Girl Scouts cookie sales, then you know that it’s a ruthless biz! Those pig-tailed sweeties know how to hawk their sugary wares.

Courtesy of Twitter

And with the popularity of their product, it’s almost as if the cookies themselves are infused:

But I digress.

Girl Scouts of Colorado’s previous policy did not allow the Girl Scouts to sell cookies in front of dispensaries or any other business that is considered adult-oriented (like tattoo parlors or bars).

With this change, however, the organization is leaving that decision in the hands of the parents and troop leaders.

“Local councils and leaders are best situated to set safety parameters in keeping with the well-being of girls engaging in the cookie sale in their communities,” Girl Scouts of Colorado spokesperson AnneMarie Harper told the Cannabist. “This change was made to allow troop leaders and families to determine the best location for My Sales with proper approval.”

So what do you think? Would you ever allow your daughter to sell cookies in front of a dispensary? Do you think they should be allowed to? Which flavors of cookies have you purchased in the last couple weeks? Please leave a comment below!

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