Jack in the Box wants to reach out to the marijuana community. Joining forces with Snoop Dogg’s company, they developed the perfect “Merry Munchie Meals.”

Let’s be real: the only true widespread, measurable effect of cannabis is the munchies (obviously a statement not based on 100 percent fact, but 100 percent humor). We’ve all been there — you just finished smoking, or you’re in the process OF smoking, and that ever-nagging craving kicks in. “I MUST CONSUME,” says your stomach and bored, stoned brain.


Well, as more and more states push legalization, more cannabis companies with bold plans and innovative ideas are emerging. It only makes sense that already-established companies are taking a dab at the marijuana game (see what I did there? Weed puns). Even Netflix joined forces with a dispensary to create 12 strains of weed based off their most popular shows. Well, Jack in the Box is following suit, joining forces with one of the most notorious weed smokers’ company to develop stoner-branded goods.

Jack in the Box announced a partnership with Merry Jane, a weed-driven digital media company launched by Snoop Dogg. The resounding idea? Munchie Meals. Similar to Happy Meals, but instead of being marketing to children, they’re being marketed to pot smokers!

“Jack’s Munchie Meals have been successful for us because of the authenticity of how we speak to our customers. This partnership is one more way for us to connect with them—whether you’re at a concert, up late playing video games, or pulling an all-nighter.” — Iwona Alter, CMO at Jack in the Box, official statement

The idea of a “Munchie Meal” is a great way to target audiences and even normalize marijuana consumption to a certain extent in society. A fast-food company targeting pot smokers seems like a no-brainer, but I’m sure the legalese of marketing to them takes some careful steps. Nonetheless, Jack’s seems to be ahead of the curve, and partnering with a company affiliated with Snoop is possibly the best route to take.

Snoop Dogg isn’t just good at smoking marijuana; he excels at the business of marijuana. Not only does he have strains named after him — he has his own line of marijuana, Leafs by Snoop, thats very popular amongst smokers. Snoop also had a hand in investing in a Toronto-based cannabis tech company that sent sales in Canada SOARING. So clearly, anything weed-related that Snoop touches, turns to gold.

munchie meals

The merger has come just in time, considering California has just become recreationally legalized on Jan. 1, 2018. The Munchie Meal is mostly inspired by the chain’s late-night menu. Each box includes a marvelous mixture of sweet and salty treats to satisfy anyone craving a late-night snack. The cost for all of this? Um, $4.20 … obviously.

“Launching the Merry Munchie Meal is the perfect way to acknowledge the cannabis culture in our shared home state of California. Leveraging our Emmy-nominated content production and forward-thinking, we have created this campaign and limited-time offer product with Jack in the Box that marries both brands’ voices.” — Scott Chung, COO, Merry Jane, official statement

While the Munchie Meals are only available in Long Beach, California, locations for a limited time, it’s a great step in popular established companies joining forces with marijuana companies to better target and market to marijuana smokers! Hopefully we’ll see more of these campaigns by other companies in the future!

If you’re visiting California in the next few weeks, check out the Merry Munchie Meal and let us know what you think!

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