Well, only a mystery to us. The Denver Zoo posted a mysterious ultrasound asking animal lovers to guess what the little critter is!

We love babies!! We especially love baby animals! On Wednesday, January 10, the Denver Zoo posted a cryptic photo to their Facebook page. Of what, you ask? Well, if we haven’t made it perfectly obvious already — it was an ultrasound of the zoo’s soon-to-be newest addition!

We have another exciting pregnancy announcement to share with you all but want to first see if you can guess who is expecting! #DenverZooGrows

Posted by Denver Zoo on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The post garnered a fair amount of attention from followers and animal lovers as to what the little beast may be. The answers ranged from genuine guesses and informed assumptions …


To the more comedic responses you’d expect from the Facebook comment section …

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On Thursday, January 11, the Denver Zoo responded to your answers with actual footage of the ultrasound.

In their Thursday post, the zoo also included a few responses to commenter’s guesses. According to the zoo, it is not an elephant (given all of the elephants are male), it’s not a tiger (because Nikita is too closely related to Nikolai and Thimbu, and it is not recommended to breed them), and the baby is also not a giraffe (as all of the females are currently on birth control … who knew?!).

Everyone had some great guesses yesterday, so we're sharing the actual ultrasound video! She is a mammal (we had a few bird/reptile guesses 😉 ), but we're going to rule a few out and share why…-Not an elephant (as all of our elephants are male)-Not a tiger (as Nikita is too closely related to Nikolai and Thimbu, and not recommended to breed with either)-Not a giraffe (as all of our females are on birth control…we know, we know…)We're making the official announcement tomorrow around 9 a.m. to kick off your weekend with some good baby news! #DenverZooGrows

Posted by Denver Zoo on Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Denver Zoo will officially announce the species of animal on this mysterious ultrasound on Friday, around 9 a.m. Because who doesn’t love starting their weekend with some wonderful baby news?!

What do you think this little critter is? We’d love to hear what you think!

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