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Proper rifle care is vital to keeping it functional. We’ve got the instructions for keeping your gun clean and working right!

Your rifle is like any other tool you own. It wants to perform faithfully for you and do its job to the best of its ability. All it really needs is some careful attention to keep it at the top of its game. Our friends over at DCF Guns outlined these simple steps for proper rifle care!

Scrub the Barrel

I mean really really scrub it. Clean it so the inside shines like brand new. Use powder solvent, patches, and a phosphor-bronze brush. Then polish all the little grooves with some bore compound. You’re done when you don’t see any more copper streaks from the muzzle end.

Fix Any Dings

Major dents in a wood-stocked rifle can usually be fixed by laying a damp cleaning patch over the depression, then heating the cloth with the tip of a hot iron. The steam works its way into the wood, causing the fibers to swell and minimizing or completely removing the dent.

Hose Down the Action

Grab a can of gun scrubber, take your barreled action out of its stock, and remove the scope. If you have a lever, pump or auto, remove the buttstock. Go outside and throw on some safety goggles. Now spray down the action and, in the case of a bolt gun, the trigger as well. Do not repeat, do NOT re-oil.

Clean Off the Gunk

While the barreled action is out of the stock, wipe off all the goo and gunk that’s accumulated on the underside of the barrel and the receiver. Clean off corresponding surfaces on the stock too. Re-oil the metal surfaces you’ve just cleaned lightly.

Inspect the Base

While the scope is off, make sure all the base screws are tight. If you’re feeling particularly like a thorough cleaning, you can remove the bases and check for any oil that’s seeped underneath and wipe it off. Degrease all surfaces, including base screws and screw holes, and replace the bases.

Clean Your Scopes

Make sure your lenses are clear. Use camera lens cleaner and lens tissue to wipe them down.

Clean Off Rust

Light rust can be scrubbed off with 0000 steel wool and a little bit of oil. A rusted trigger is more serious. You’ll have to take your gun to a gunsmith, who will take it apart and either clean or replace it.

Reblue Worn Areas

Bluing protects your steel against rust. I know, it looks way better to have clean, shiny steel instead, but it really is better for your gun to blue the worn areas to prevent rust.

Replace Burred Screws

The best place to get new screws is from your local gun shop. You can get ring, base and bedding screws from them!

Now you know how the steps to proper rifle care! Get out there and enjoy this fall rifle season. Remember, you can get all the supplies you need, as well as any new gun parts, at DCF Guns!

How do you care for your rifle? Give us your tips in the comments below!

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