Broncos linebacker Von Miller is a real stand up guy, even if his team is playing at an all-time low.

Known throughout the NFL for his generosity to fellow players, Von Miller has come through again this year, giving each of his Denver Broncos teammates a $449 Christmas gift.

So what could be so amazing that it would warrant $449? A ChiliPad — a dual-temperature mattress topper that uses water circulation technology to regulate how warm or cool a mattress is, to help a person “achieve restful sleep.”


Courtesy of Chili Technology

“I just like doing stuff for my teammates,” Miller said, according to The Denver Post. “It just makes me feel good. Selfishly, I just feel good when I do stuff for other people, so I wanted to do something for my guys. It’s like a mattress chill pad. I’ve been using it all year and I love it. I thought some of my guys, especially the offensive linemen that really conduct a lot of body heat in the bed (could use it). Looking out for my guys.”

Hmmm. Not a bad idea, especially since those guys in particular might be doing a lot of night-time sweating about their jobs.

So how much did Miller’s generosity set him back? Well, If he gave a ChiliPad to each of his 53 teammates, the grand total would exceed $23,797 — honestly, pocket change for him. Even so, I doubt that too many NFL players think to gift their teammates the way he does, and we at OCN think it’s a pretty classy move.

Last year, Miller sent each player in the AFC West a custom bottle of wine, along with the following message: “It is an honor and a privilege to take the field and compete with you twice a year.” The year before that, he gave his fellow Broncos players whiskey and underwear.

His generosity has, of course, extended to his family as well. Earlier this year, he bought his mother a 2017 BMW 750i xDrive, worth at least $97,600. And if you want to see just how hip the Broncos’ resident chicken farmer lives, click here for a Bleacher Report tour of his Denver mansion.

No matter how cool Von Miller gets, it seems to me that he just gets classier and classier. Here’s hoping that the the ChiliPad serves the rest of the Broncos in the same way. Merry Christmas, guys!

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