As you get ready to deck your house in a beautiful array of Christmas lights, you probably aren’t thinking about how much all of that is going to cost you.

In fact, I can guarantee it. It’s one of those things that you don’t think about very much in the moment, but it’s definitely something that creeps up on you as soon as you get the electricity bill in the mail the following month.

So, as we approach Christmas, we’ve decided to help you keep the energy bill down while simultaneously letting you keep your house aglow in true Clark Griswold fashion.

christmas lights

How Much Energy Do Christmas Lights Use?

It all depends on the type and amount of bulbs you’re using, whether that be LED or incandescent bulbs. An incandescent C-9 light can cost up to 37 times more than a C-9 LED light. On top of all that, LED lights are made of a more durable substance and are better at maintaining cooler temperatures. For instance, why pay for 25 incandescent C-9 lights for a season, when you could have 1,800 LED lights for a cheaper price? Honestly, LED lights are pretty much a no-brainer nowadays.

Here’s a calculator to help you figure out how much you’re spending on your Christmas lights.

4 Tips to Keep Your Energy Bill Down This Holiday Season

Now that we’ve covered how much energy Christmas lights use, let’s discuss some tips on how to be more energy-efficient.

Tip #1: Use LED Lights Instead of Incandescent Lights.
We’ve already touched on this, but it can’t hurt to have it mentioned again. Buy some LED lights and use nearly 90 percent less energy, all while saving money.

Tip #2: Limit the Amount of Time the Lights are Turned On.
Don’t leave your lights on throughout the day, because A) no one will even see them, and B) it’s a waste of energy (and money). Turn them on when it’s dark, and then turn them off before you go to bed. Try to have them on for six hours or less. And if you have trouble remembering, simply set a timer.

Tip #3: Go Down the Old-Fashioned Route and Decorate with Candles.
Candles are an easy way to illuminate your home without costing a ton of money. Just make sure you don’t leave them unattended.

Tip #4: Turn Off Room Lights When Your Christmas Tree Is Lit.
If your Christmas tree is lit up, then there’s really no need to have other room lights on. It should provide enough lighting for you to find your way around the room.

Do you decorate your house for the holidays? Are there any other tips we missed in our list? Let us know in the comments below. Happy Holidays!

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