This is the face of the man who allegedly walked into Triple J Armory and stole more than $100 set to be donated to wounded military veterans in need.

From the Salvation Army bells in front of stores to the collection jars inside of them, December is, without a doubt, a month for giving and bringing out the best of us. Yet, as we learned over the weekend, it is also a time when the worst try to take advantage of society’s generosity.

Triple J Armory, a gun store off of County Line Road in Littleton, has had a jar on the counter accepting donations for wounded military veterans. The collection had reached over $100 when a man and woman walked into the store and stole it all.

The store was able to capture the thief on video camera stealing the collection jar, and still-frame photos show his face in high definition.

Posted by Triple J Armory, Inc. on Friday, December 1, 2017

“Does anyone know this piece of s***?” the store asked on its Facebook page.

Here he is stealing over $100 from a collection bin we had set up to donate to wounded veterans. If you do, please contact us. We have his finger prints and it’s only a matter of time until they’re run. If he returns to us, we won’t press charges. We have you and your female partner on film.”

No one has been able to blow the whistle on who this thief is, though one Facebook commenter did think he’d seen him before.

A week after the theft, the suspect and his accomplice still have not been identified. However, that has not stopped the community from coming together to replace the donations that were stolen.

Four days after the original Facebook post went viral, the store posted an update informing everyone that the money had been replaced … and then some.

“We wanted to take a short moment and give a huge shout out to our awesome customers,” Triple J Armory wrote. “This event has caused a chain reaction of giving! There was a little over $100 in the box that was stolen. To date, we’ve replaced the $100 and raised an additional $300!”

The store has said that donations continue to pour in, proving that even in these horrible cases, human goodness always ends up shining brighter.

Since the store has not mentioned the thief owning up to what he did, there is likely a criminal investigation ongoing. If you recognize the individual in the photo above, please do not keep it a secret. Notify your local law enforcement on their non-emergency numbers.

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