Gosh, is there anything the man can’t do? In a post-Thanksgiving round of golf on Saturday, November, 25, Peyton Manning hit a hole-in-one.

It was a lovely day for a round of golf on Saturday, November 25, and even lovelier when you’re an ultra-talented athlete like Denver Broncos’ former quarterback Peyton Manning. Manning and friends —  former Broncos receiver Brandon Stokley and Broncos president/CEO Joe Ellis, along with a couple others — were on the 12th hole at Cherry Hills Country Club when the Super Bowl-winning icon hit a hole-in-one.

He used a 5-iron to go 196 yards on the Par 3 hole, which is described on the country club’s website as,

This beautiful but challenging par 3 over water requires a precise iron shot. Any shot that lands just short of the green will find its way back into the hazard and anything long leaves the player with a virtually impossible pitch. The green is divided in the middle with a severe mound, which makes being in the right quadrant a must.”

Just like he did in countless NFL football games throughout his successful 18-season career, Manning apparently knew exactly what to do.

The hole-in-one was also witnessed by companions Eric Black and Steve Owsley, according to the press release that the country club sent The Denver Post.

Congrats to Peyton on yet another incredible sports accomplishment!

What’s next for Peyton Manning? Could we use his football expertise to help our flailing Broncos team, and if so, in what role? What about a career in broadcasting? Or should he, perhaps, take up a career in professional golf? We want to hear what you think in the comments below!

Featured image courtesy of USA Today Broncos Wire.

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