I have to say, since CDOT has created a third lane on southbound I-225 at Yosemite this month, my morning work commute is sooooo much better.

Sure, my co-workers are complaining that they can no longer get on southbound I-25 from DTC Blvd., but what’s truly important is that my quality of life is infinitely better. I mean, last week, I fairly flew down 225 toward the Denver Tech Center! That’s unheard of, I tell you. And, if you already have to live in Aurora, you take life’s small pleasures where you can find them, am I right?

We originally reported the Colorado Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) life-saving plans to overhaul the I-225/I-25 juncture back in September when, after being fed up with spending morning after morning in a massive, life-sized funnel, we reached out to CDOT and got the scoop on their planned solution.

So here’s what we want to know from you: What metro area traffic project should CDOT tackle next?

  • Is C-470 driving you insane?
  • What about the journey down southbound I-25, from 104th to 84th?
  • Or the nightmare that is I-270 through Commerce City? (There’s definitely room to add more lanes there!)
  • Did the $1.67 billion T-REX project on I-25 (completed in 2006) pay off?

What other Denver thoroughfares need a massive overhaul, and what are your suggestions for how to fix them? How is the restructure of 225 saving your life?  Weigh in below, and let’s get the conversation started!

Read our initial story on I-225 traffic here. And commiserate.