If you’re stressing out about cooking up a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner in your own kitchen, then worry no more.

These six places will do all the work to create and cater a magnificent Thanksgiving dinner — from the turkey, to the pumpkin pie. All you have to do is pick it up and put it on your table. Nobody will even know the difference!

Boston Market

thanksgiving dinner

Image courtesy of Boston Market

With several options to “cater” to your specific needs, Boston Market’s got you covered. They’ll ship you a pre-cooked full Thanksgiving meal that you can just heat up and serve, or you can have hot turkey and sides delivered right to your front door! Or, save a few bucks and pick everything up yourself! Meals start at $10.49 per person. Click here for more info!

Cracker Barrel

Thanksgiving dinner

Image courtesy of Cracker Barrel

Whether you’re looking for a full Thanksgiving dinner or just some heat-and-serve holiday sides, Cracker Barrel can take care of you with just a few simple clicks. For just $11.33 per person, you can purchase a hot meal for six, including turkey and three sides. That’s a lot cheaper than what it would take to make it yourself! Click here for more info!

Maggiano’s Little Italy

thanksgiving dinner

Image courtesy of Maggiano’s Little Italy

I don’t know about you, but I had no idea Maggiano’s was getting into the Thanksgiving business. For just $200, you can purchase a multi-course hot holiday meal for five people. All the offerings have Maggiano’s signature Italian twist, a la “Tuscan creamed corn” and “focaccia sausage stuffing.” Yum! Click here for more info!

Mimi’s Cafe

thanksgiving dinner

Image courtesy of Mimi’s Cafe

For as little as $10 per person, Mimi’s will hook you up with a re-heatable chef-prepared meal, including herb-butter basted turkey, gravy, six delicious side dishes, and pumpkin pie. What a deal! Click here for more info!

Whole Foods

Feeding a group with more particular tastes? Whole Foods offers a wide variety of heat-and-serve options, from a vegan Thanksgiving spread to a hearty prime rib dinner. You can also get smoked turkey, spiral ham, or organic roasted turkey. Click here for more info!

King Soopers

thanksgiving dinner

Image courtesy of King Soopers

You don’t have to go any further than your corner King Soopers grocery store for a delicious Thanksgiving meal. For a variety of price options, you can pick up a heat-and-serve holiday feast, choosing either turkey, prime rib, or ham. Click here for more info!

What’s your advice for keeping Thanksgiving a stress-free holiday? Do you know of another place that offers Thanksgiving dinners to go? Tell us in the comments below!

Featured image courtesy of Daily Hive.

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