Design to Drool Over.

Anyone who tells you that cars can’t be art is just plain wrong, and if they dispute it, show them the Mazda Vision Coupe concept. It’s the latest expression of Mazda’s praised new design language ‘Kodo’ (“Soul of Motion”), and it’s making automotive journalists drool like a Saint Bernard in a butcher shop. Architectural Digest even had to add their two-cents calling it the ‘Hottest Concept Car” in Tokyo.

And that makes us very excited because Mazda actually likes to take elements from their concepts and put them into production. Notice how current model offerings like the 2018 Mazda CX-5 share a similar shark-nosed front-end, and on the inside a large center-of-wheel tach ready to swing to the driver’s delight. Small, tasteful, amounts of brushed aluminum are also becoming a Mazda trademark delight — and we’re very happy about that too.

The best thing about the Vision Coupe, however, is not that it emanates hints of Aston Martin, but that it’s not overly tech-pretentious. Sure, it’s minimalistic, sleek, and has a bunch of tech — like a screen that’s hidden until the driver needs it — but it doesn’t feel like the Apple store. It’s elegant, striking, and just familiar/down to earth enough to think that maybe we have a chance — perhaps it’s the Jennifer Lawrence effect?

Sadly though, the automaker has reassured journalist after journalist that it is merely a concept car and that we shouldn’t get too excited, but if it’s any indication as to Mazda’s direction, we are definitely up for the ride.

What are your thoughts? Do you like it? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below!

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