Colorado online company “Good Buy Gear” gives parents a trustworthy place to buy and sell used baby gear.

As all moms and dads know, kiddos grow out of those ever-expensive baby items faster than you can possibly get your money’s worth. But listing baby gear for sale on online sites can be a pain, and buying items off Craigslist or Ebay just ensures you’ll spend your next Saturday afternoon either traipsing around the city or up to your elbows in cleaning products. Good Buy Gear, an Arvada-based internet startup, has an answer: let them do the pickup, listing, dirty work, and delivery for a fee, and you’ll end up with some cash in your pocket and more time to spend with your growing baby.


Image courtesy of Good Buy Gear

Founded by two moms in September 2016, Good Buy Gear’s mission is “to be the most active exchange for used gear in North America,” ultimately encouraging simplicity and efficiency in family homes through the sales of children’s toys, equipment, gear, and furniture.

We started this company to solve a personal pain point with the waste, clutter, and never-ending costs associated with raising children,” their website states. “We had a lot of frustrating (and some scary) experiences with other used gear marketplaces, and realized something was needed to make it safer and easier for families to cycle through their gear, sustainably.”

With Kristin Langenfeld’s extensive background in tech startups and product launching, and Jessica Crothers’ experience as a preschool teacher and advisor to the federal government on Head Start, Good Buy Gear (“goodbye, gear” — get it?) started in the two ladies’ garages, where they stored for-sale items before finally moving into a 3,100-square-foot warehouse facility in July. With their chief marketing officer, Cambria Jacobs, the team has worked to make the company more than just an online garage sale, offering more convenience, services, and amenities than are typically available on similar platforms.

For instance, delivery is free for sales over $40 (in most of the Denver metro area), and pickup and listing of items is available for a $25 fee (pickup and delivery is half the battle, am I right?). In addition, potential buyers can ask questions about the items prior to purchase, and if there’s a specific item you’re looking for, you can sign up to be notified by email as soon as that product enters Good Buy Gear’s inventory.

However, the service specializes in higher-end items and does not accept car seats (you should never buy a used car seat anyway!), clothes, stuffed animals, or toys that are valued under $10. And though they’re hoping to expand into other states in 2018, Colorado remains the focus for now.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, it seems that Good Buy Gear offers a convenient, trustworthy platform for Colorado parents to remain efficient with their family’s time and money. Congrats and kudos to these ladies for seeing a need and then using their expertise and experience to fill it!

So what do you think? Will you be checking out Good Buy Gear’s website? What baby gear are you in the market for? Have you purchased from them before? Share your experience in the comments below!

Featured image courtesy of Good Buy Gear’s Facebook page.

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