Everybody’s favorite milk-jug ice cream parlor is expanding. We’ve got the inside scoop on Little Man Ice Cream’s new locations!

Starting next year, you’ll soon have more chances to enjoy Little Man ice cream, according to The Know. There will be four new locations — Constellation in Stapleton, Little Man Creamery in Sloan’s Lake, Churn Ice Cream in Fort Collins, and a Park Hill location.

Constellation in Stapleton
Early 2018 | 10175 E. 29th Dr., Denver

little man ice cream

Rendering of Constellation in Stapleton. (photo courtesy of Little Man)

In homage to the old Stapleton airport, the ice cream shop will feature a 70-foot wing above the glass kiosk. “This project pushes the boundaries of what is possible, creating a truly innovative form which we hope will have a lasting impression on the Stapleton community,” said Michael Koch, architect for the Stapleton location.

Little Man Creamery in Sloan’s Lake
January 2018 | 4409 W. Colfax, Denver

little man ice cream

Rendering of Little Man Creamery in Sloan’s Lake. (photo courtesy of Little Man)

With a state-of-the-art kitchen and a tasting room, you can expect the new Sloan’s Lake location to produce 10 times the ice cream they’re producing now. The kitchen will open in January of next year, but Little Man fans will have to wait a bit longer for the tasting room to open (summer 2018).

Churn Ice Cream in Fort Collins
Summer 2018 | 200 N. College Ave., Fort Collins

little man ice cream

Rendering of Churn Ice Cream in Fort Collins. (photo courtesy of Little Man)

If you couldn’t tell from the rendering above, the Fort Collins location will be reminiscent of the famous milk-jug in Denver, but this time it’s a churn bucket. A large chunk of the details are still being kept quiet, but it’ll be a nice addition to the college town of Fort Collins!

Park Hill Location
2018 | 2211 Oneida St., Denver

little man ice cream

Rendering of Park Hill. (photo courtesy of Little Man)

We don’t know what the Park Hill location will be called quite yet, but we do know that it will “borrow modern influences of mid-century design balanced with trendy and ultra-hip touches,” according to Little Man’s marketing director, Basha Cohen.

Stay updated by visiting its website and Facebook page.

Are you excited about the four new locations? What’s your favorite flavor at Little Man? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image courtesy of Little Man Ice Cream (Facebook page).

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