Best Mexican food in the Denver metro area goes to …

The allure of the wild, the weather, and the jobs are attracting people to the Denver metro like ants to spilled soda — or is it “pop”?Whatever the case may be, wherever you’re from, we know rents are rising, there’s more traffic, and hip small-plate restaurants seem to flag the end of neighborhoods we once knew. Games at Coors field are now only half Rockies fans and half whatever the opposing team may be, but the more people watching baseball and helping Rockies ticket sales the merrier. The same is true about eating out around the metro area — especially as it pertains to Mexican food. We’ve seen more boutique taco shops cut the red ribbon than in years past, and that, too, is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, they’re excellent at crafting foods in ways you’re probably not willing to try at home, and they taste amazing. The problem is, you already know about them, and you’re already going to go try them. That’s why we have to give the acclaim of best Mexican in the metro to a Colorado-classic — Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant, a restaurant that’s been serving excellent Mexican standards and the best high-octane margs in Aurora and Castle Rock for 18 years now.

It’s just the type of place you want to go after work, after practice, before the game, or after school because most of the time all you really want is a drama-free dining experience that’s guaranteed to satisfy everybody you go with. So consider this a shout-out to the endangered species of family-friendly, family-run, down-to-earth, less-wait, more-for-your-money type of joint.

As for the food, everything we’ve tried is on point, served quickly, and exactly what you expect. Believe it or not, it’s actually kind of refreshing not having to spend the whole meal picking at your food while you try to convince yourself that an elk confit taco is a good idea (don’t worry. those don’t exist … that we know of!). So treat yourself to the classics like tacos al pastor, burritos, and quesadillas, and finish with an apple chimichanga.


It’s this old-school, great food, and even better service modus operandi that we feel makes Guadalajara the best Mexican in the Denver metro! You can even check out their menu here.

What are your thoughts, people? Have you ever been to Guadalajara? What did you like about it? Let us know in the comments below!

Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant Aurora
1001 S Abilene St
Aurora, CO 80012
(303) 696-0903

Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant Castle Rock
150 E Wolfensberger Rd

Castle Rock, CO 80109
(303) 660-6299



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