From hurricane to hoof …

The Zoology Foundation, an animal sanctuary that sits quietly on the rolling pastures behind the Renaissance Fair grounds in Larkspur, is on-the-double when it comes to the hurricane animal rescue effort.

We have seen some amazing stories coming out of Houston of people helping animals. We are happy to do whatever we can do to help the people on the ground living through this experience as we know the importance of reuniting the animals with their families,” says Maggie Lantzy from the the Zoology Foundation. 

Since the storm hit, the foundation has been in contact with Apryl Steel — CEO Designate of the Dumb Friends League — and the Houston SPCA to determine the best approach to protecting and rescuing animals affected by the storm.

“We have been asked by the Houston SPCA to coordinate animal welfare groups from around the country to help finance this massive effort. As a well-established non-profit, we feel the money collected would be in good hands with a trained group with a solid rescue plan,” says Zoology Executive Director Avie Rosacci.

So from now through September 30, all online donations made through the website donation page (every penny!) will be sent to support the Houston SPCA in their immediate rescue efforts, as well as the transport of the animals and (most importantly) their reunion with their owners.  Zoology Foundation will match your donation dollar for dollar until it reaches $5,000 for a combined goal of $10,000 for Houston SPCA so they can carry on with their hard work.

But if you’re a little short on cash right now, that’s not all you can do to help:

Think about putting it on your calendar to donate to your local animal shelter or Houston organization in six months when the attention dies down, but the funding is still needed,” Rosacci says. “Local rescues are also bringing in various animals that might need assistance including food, collars, etc.  Join our Facebook page as we will post these organizations as we hear about them. We will be vetting these groups to make sure they are well run organizations and your hard-earned money will not be wasted.”

When it comes to our cats, dogs, horses, and more, many consider them to be a part of the family.

“Animals have feelings, needs, wants … just like humans. This is a very scary time for them as well, and they don’t understand what is happening.”

If you would like to read more about the Zoology Foundation or make a donation, like them on Facebook or visit their website.

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