Lots of clothes say you have to take them to dry cleaners — which ones actually need it? We’ll tell you which clothes need the pro treatment!

A lot of people consider dry cleaning to be a hassle. Not only does dry cleaning not have to be a hassle, but it’s actually necessary for some particular fabrics and items of clothing. We’ve compiled a list of things that you absolutely have to take to the dry cleaners, and which ones you can take care of at home.

Things to Dry Clean:

Items with a lining – anything with a lining should be considered delicate and should always be taken to a professional for cleaning.

Items with beading, sequins, and other embellishments – if you want the embellishments or beading on those fancy tops and dresses to last, you should definitely get them dry cleaned rather than washing them yourself.

Suits – all suits, but especially wool suits, should always be dry cleaned to keep them intact.

Very soiled or stained items – if you want the stains to be fully removed without damaging the fabric, you should always take very soiled or stained items to the dry cleaners.

Bottoms with pleating – to preserve the structure of skirts, pants and dresses with pleating, always take them to a dry cleaner.

What You Can Wash at Home, but Should Probably Still Dry Clean:

Leather – You can hand wash this at home if you’re careful, but any leather that you really want to be sure to preserve or any with metal details should absolutely be taken to the dry cleaners.

Silk – Light-colored silks that you’re certain won’t bleed can be washed in the sink at home. If your silks do bleed, you should still get them dry cleaned.

When in doubt, your best bet is to get your items dry cleaned. They will last longer, stay in better shape, get less faded, and look better longer!

What do you always take to the dry cleaners? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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