Hollywood, you better watch your back, the movie industry found out mountains make the perfect setting for films.

We all know Colorado is the most picturesque state in the country. Are we bias? Maybe… maybe not. Because the movie industry has taken a large interested in the Centennial state. A few big movies, like Dumb and Dumber, The Hateful Eight, The Shining, and many more have been filmed here in the past. Now, a huge movie studio is coming to Parker, so Colorado is moving more toward becoming the next big spot for films.

Independent film makers have been passing through to film in, like we said, the most picturesque state in the country, for years. Most recently, a film, Hush Money, was almost entirely produced, casted, and filmed right here in Colorado by Denver-based gritHouse Films.

The movie follows Douglas Shaw, a down-on-his-luck unemployed art teacher who is willing to do whatever it takes for his family. After a brush with an angry mob boss Doug finds himself on the hook for thousands of dollars, which leads to him kidnapping the daughter of a pro baseball player and holding her for ransom. When the plan goes awry, Doug does his best to maintain control of the situation, resulting in some hard lessons learned.

The movie is BEAUTIFULLY shot, and it’s fun to look through scenes and say “Hey! I know that street!” Hush Money was officially released over Labor Day weekend, and has already sold out on Hush Money is the only film that has sold out a week before the LA Lift Off Film Festival that is happening Friday, September 8. You can get the movie in stores through the next eight weeks, and if you’re not an in-store kind of person you can find the film on VOD, iTunes, Amazon, or Hulu this holiday season.

A lot of people are concerned with the film industry coming to Colorado, in fear of exasperating already increasing issues perpetrated by the dreaded ‘transplant.’ What many don’t realize though, bringing the movie industry to Colorado will mean big bucks for local economies! And it’s all going to start with Redbarre Digital media and Technology Campus.

movie industry

Redbarre is going to bring a 1.9-million square foot creative campus to Parker. The soundstage is expecting to bring around 4,000 jobs to the Parker community. Construction is expected to start later this year and we’re excited to see more films like Hush Money come out of our great state.

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