Everyone deserves a relaxing spa day. Kick it up a notch with these infused products to truly clear your mind and recharge your body!

Summer can take a harsh toll on the body. Tons of outdoor activities, spending lots of time in the sun, or simply the itching anxiety of WANTING to be outside while stuck at your stressful job … No matter what your situation is, everyone deserves a night (or weekend) to kick back, relax, and recharge their body with some pampering. LivWell Enlightened Health has come out with a line of products that can and will do exactly that for your tired bones. Check out these amazing infused products that will elevate you to the ultimate level of relaxation.



From smokeables to topicals, Infusiasm is LivWell’s most recent venture in bringing enthusiasts a holistic approach to their high. Not everyone likes to smoke to wind down, and some love to! We’ve already introduced you to LivWell’s #HASH products; take your spa day to the next level with these other products in the Infusiasm line:

Tonic Drops:


Tonic Drops, more commonly known as tinctures, have been used for years, far beyond the time of prohibition. Tinctures used to be the most popular form of medicinal cannabis consumption in the United States. Simply fill your dropper to your liking and drop some in your mouth or in your favorite drink (personally, I like some in my coffee!). The result is a relaxed body, clear mind, and overall great feeling. Unfortunately these glorious drops are not yet available for purchase, but you can enjoy these other products while you wait!

Enlightened Water:


What’s the No. 1 health tip you’ll literally find anywhere? Hydrate!! Water is extremely important for good skin, a healthy system, and overall great health. If you’re looking for a refreshing sip that sends CBD boost to your system, Enlightened Water is for you. This CBD water is infused with 50 mg of cannabidiol and 2 mg of THC. What does this mean exactly? The THC isn’t meant to make you feel high, but simply to activate the endocannabinoid system to better utilize the CBD.

More and more research is being conducted on CBD, revealing some incredible benefits — from migraine relief to helping with hangovers and treating a few symptoms of PTSD.*

5 Leaf:

If you’re looking for some more healing and less feeling, 5 Leaf topicals are the route for you. These cannabis-infused topicals come in three luxurious forms: salve, lotion, and bath soak. Perfect for a spa night, you can literally submerge your entire body in a bath of medicated relaxation. 5 Leaf lotion is their biggest seller and provides fast-acting and long-lasting relief for localized aches and pains.* If you’re looking to be saved from your aching joints, 5 Leaf is the way to go. Non-addictive pain relief is all the rage, as it should be.

As I said, smoking is not for everyone, so it’s amazing to have some alternative options for ultimate relaxation. Whether your bones are aching from that big hike or you’re looking for a little “you time” to wind down, if you don’t want to smoke or feel out-of-your-mind high, give yourself a luxurious infused spa day with these products. If you want to get those good feelings all over – of course check out LivWell’s full site for all the herby products you could ever need!

*Infusiasm Brands makes no claims regarding the health or medical benefits of cannabis in general, or these products in particular. Individual results will vary.


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