The Denver Animal Shelter has rescued two dozen French Bulldogs and will be putting them up for adoption this Saturday!

Two dozen French Bulldogs are eagerly awaiting to be adopted at the Denver Animal Shelter. This Saturday, August 26, you’ll have the chance to adopt a rescued Frenchie for your very own.

The dogs were placed into the care of the shelter after being found by the Animal Protection Officers and the Denver Police. According to a Facebook post, there have been many folks inquiring to how the French Bulldogs came to the Denver Animal Shelter. Unfortunately, since it has been part of an on-going investigation, they are unable to answer every question. However, it has been made known that the dogs were rescued from a “hoarding situation.”

KUSA stated that while most of the dogs were French Bulldogs, there were also other breeds like pugs and bulldogs who were rescued as well.

Each of the dogs were given the proper medical attention, and the shelter’s staff is looking for the right individuals to give these adorable French Bulldogs their forever homes. The shelter will be releasing more information as Saturday draws closer. To stay updated, please visit the Denver Animal Shelter’s Facebook page.

And I mean, come on! Who could say no to these squishy little faces? I think I know what my plans are this weekend!

Will you be adding a new member to the family this Saturday? Let us know in the comments below.

Photos courtesy of the Denver Animal Shelter Facebook page.

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