There’s always someone looking for the finer things.

There’s always somebody out there who wants to make things better, do it their way, and they’ll do it for the craft’s sake. The cannabis business is no different, so like Ferruccio Lamborghini and Enzo Ferrari shaking fists at each other, or more relatedly Avery and New Belgium going toe-to-toe on the latest craft beer or (shall we say) barley wine, the cannabis industry is quickly moving toward taking cannabis from common to craft.

But perhaps there’s something to all this focus on quality. Charlotte’s Web (they produce premium hemp-based extracts and supplements) might be the hemp equivalent to a Tuscan winery. We discovered that not only is the hemp grown in a controlled environment with no pesticides, but they test their soil for heavy metals and have them removed. Too bad that’s not a reality for everything that we consume, but it certainly speaks to the type of company they are. However, the real question is: is it worth it?

We seem to think so, especially if the stuff is good enough for Jake Plummer, who might as well be the most honest non-BS person to suit up in blue and orange. In an interview with The Bleacher Report, Plummer credits the stuff to helping him avoid opiates — which he admits is huge in the NFL.

Anyone who remembers watching Plummer knows that the man wasn’t afraid to take beating after beating:

The pain was in Plummer’s throwing shoulder, lower back and, most noticeably, his hips. He tore both hip labrums at some point during his NFL career. He required major surgery. Plummer was nearly immobilized for eight weeks, hobbling a few steps per day on crutches,” writes Mike Tanier.

Still, he managed to pull a hard-earned 39-15 record in regular season. That makes him one of the winningest Broncos QBs in history, and that’s why real Broncos fans never hesitate to defend the #16 when some loose-lipped fair-weather fan whines that “Plummer was just okay.”

Now he says that the product has helped him dramatically. “I don’t have those creaky five or six first steps anymore,” he says. “I can get down on the ground and play Legos with my kids. I can sit down on my feet with my knees bent, jump up, and take off.”

And other companies are following suit, specifically with quality in mind. For the serious connoisseur, we found Honest Marijuana Co. They’re producing 100 percent hemp-wrapped, whole-flower, machine-rolled blunts that people claim are much better than using rolling papers. They, too, pride themselves on a meticulous, all-natural grow process and even have an “organic mint rolled sugar leaf” blunt.

So does that mean that we’re moving away from Colt 45 and two zig zags and more toward champagne and reefer? I think so. As for me, I’m going to go to my local dispensary — which at this point in my life is Alternative Medicine of Capitol Hill — and see how honest these things really are.

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