Spotted outside of a 1930s circus, a car-driving bear ended up in a mild crash. And honestly, this story couldn’t get more “Colorado.”

A Durango couple had a bit of a rude (and pretty entertaining) wake-up call when a driving bear crashed a Subaru into their mailbox. While the couple scrambled to call 911, not yet knowing the species of the culprit, the bear apparently left the scene of the crime, swiftly ambling back into the wilderness where he belongs and can’t get a DWB (driving while bear).

According the the Durango Herald, who broke this crime-riddled scandal, the bear apparently broke into a neighbor’s Subaru during the night. In his insatiable search for food, Yogi completely wrecked the inside of the Subaru and somehow managed to pop the parking break, causing the car to roll back and crash into the mailbox in question, also resulting in a shattered back window.

Of the damage, the bear is now accountable for the destruction of:

  • 1 radio
  • 4 torn-up seats
  • 1 torn-out steering column
  • 1 shattered window
  • and of course 1 mailbox

The bear escaped through the back window, and before Ron Cornelius and his wife even knew it was a bear who caused the damage, Yogi had fled the scene. The couple initially thought the crash was caused by a human, but the visible damage — coupled with a few “packages” left behind — pointed directly to a driving bear.

driving bear

*Not the bear in question

While this is a pretty silly circumstance for all involved — you know, except for the people’s now destroyed car — this bear visit is yet another example of a growing cohabitation issue Coloradans are having with bears. A Colorado Parks and Wildlife report notes that a late frost in early June had a large effect on the acorn and berry harvest of Colorado wildlife. This drives animals like bears to seek other food sources.

Maybe the bear just needed a ride to the grocery store and forgot he didn’t have thumbs? What do you think?

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