It was fun while it lasted. Productivity may have been a little on the down side for a week, but community morale was definitely on the rise as a result of some Denver workers’ Post-it wars.

Until the management office for one of the buildings put the kibosh on it, office workers in downtown Denver had some fun communicating back and forth using only Post-it notes in their office windows.

“Last Thursday, I noticed across the street from my building there was a gentleman in his office,” Maxie Bilyeu, who works in a high-rise building at 1801 California, told 9News. “It was Thursday afternoon and so I just thought I’d put some Post-it notes up, just to say hi. To see if I’d get a response. I didn’t from him, but Monday of this week, we had a bunch of responses from the building across the street.”

For the rest of the week, workers in offices on both sides of 18th Street and on multiple floors communicated back and forth. They exchanged phone numbers, wrote messages, and created characters (like from Pac-Man and Star Wars), all through the phenomenon of sticky notes. After all, office supplies make the world go ’round, amIright?

“Other businesses we never interact with are engaging in this,” Ryan Besch, another worker, told Denver 7. “It’s impossible to get that level of coordination over two or three stories. It’s gotten to a point that it’s crazy.”

They even established a common hashtag, #5280postitwars, to connect on Twitter and Instagram, and some employees even brought their own Post-its so as not to waste company resources.

It was all fun and games until, at long last, the building management got involved on Friday, August 4, informing tenants that all Post-it artwork had to removed from the windows by end of day, or they would be in violation of their lease. (Boo! Hiss!)

The message was conveyed via memo — the old-fashioned way.

It looks as though the Post-it wars have come to a sad end, at least for the good people at 18th and California. But not before boosting a little community spirit and reminding us that we’re all in this “work thing” together.

Have you ever had some off-the-cuff, creative fun at work? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments!

All images courtesy of #5280postitwars on Twitter.

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