If you live in the Denver area, you may want to invest in a garden-cam. Plant robbers are running rampant, taking topiaries and stealing shrubs.

Robbers are no longer interested in the thrill of taking Amazon packages off porches or car-jacking. In a world driven by behavioral trends it seems the latest “thing” is to steal shrubbery. Plant robbers are on the loose and ruining front yards all over Denver.

Rebecca Simmons contacted KDVR to explain the happening behind this strange crime that has everyone asking “…But, why?”

The ultimate crime happened in Simmons’s neighbor’s yard. Someone had pulled up to neighbor Mike Baldwin’s home in metro Denver just before dawn, trowel in hand, and started digging up plants out of the front yard.

The planty perp did not stay long, leaving within just minutes, but not before taking more than $40 worth of plants.

Baldwin, understandably, does not understand why someone would do this … Neither do we, Mike. Baldwin caught the woman digging up his yard on security cameras he has installed around his home. Unfortunately, he was unable to capture a shot of her license plate.

plant robber

*Not an image from the crime scene – perhaps a viable solution for Denver residents

Apparently, while the plant-napper was digging her way through the Baldwins’ yard, residents of the University station senior living complex had their own plant robber problem. It seems someone cut down an aspen tree that was a community favorite — and drug it away.

Considering the minimal damage and lack of evidence for true malicious intent, most of the victims aren’t reporting these crimes to the police. But if you’re a member of the Neighborhood app, keep your eyes peeled because these select communities are buzzing about the strange crime.

So keep on the lookout for sketchy characters with spades and gardening gloves. You never know what they might be up to … or if your hydrangeas are next!

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