You read correctly, and no it isn’t the yearly “N*Sync and Backstreet Boys are starting a tour” lie. The Boys are really touring in 2018.

While the Backstreet Boys have taken up residency in Vegas since March, the thirst is real for the ‘Boys to come to us live and direct. Well ’90s babies, grab your frosty blue eyeshadow, butterfly clips, and shiny baggy pants because Backstreet Boys have announced they are planning a world tour in 2018.

Not only will the Backstreet Boys be coming to the world’s major cities — they have been hard at work in the studio working on their tenth album. Seriously. Tenth. People can hardly contain their excitement for the nostalgia mixed with the anticipation for what the Backstreet Boys’ newest album will have in store.

One of the ‘Boys, Kevin Richardson, told Boston’s Mix 104.1: “We’re trying to have a single ready by the end of the year this year, and then next year we’re actually gonna do a world tour. It’s gonna be our 25th anniversary next year.” Um ‘scuse me? 25th anniversary? If that didn’t make you feel old this realization might:

Oh, but the amount of millennial mommas out there that will introduce their young ones to the glory that is the Backstreet Boys with the announcement of this tour! It truly warms the heart.

Personally, I was more of an N*Sync girl, but that’s not to say I didn’t force my mother to turn the volume up to ear-shattering levels whenever “I Want It That Way” came on the radio. As for this tour, you can’t deny the strong pull of nostalgia that will lead you straight to the ticket line.

No dates or ticket information have been released yet, but we will wait patiently for more details to come. And once 2018 rolls around … well, we’ll let Kevin take this one:

Will you be lining up for Backstreet Boys tickets? Who was better: N*Sync or the ‘Boys? Tell us what you think!

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