Good news for all the single ladies! Denver’s gotten itself a bit of a nickname, and it’s starting to catch on — “Menver.”

According to data from the United States Census Bureau, there are 19,000 more eligible bachelors in Denver (aka “Menver”) than there are bachelorettes. See for yourself:

With 120,149 single men and 101,051 single women living in Denver County, that leaves a difference of 19,098 more men in the never-married category than women. And most of them are in their late ’20s!

Though 9News first drew attention to the report, we decided to take it a step further. After all, these numbers only represent Denver County, and we were wanting to know some stats on the entire Denver metro area and beyond! You’re welcome.

(All of the below numbers represent single, never-married individuals, specifically):

Denver/Aurora/Lakewood area: 376,959 men to 312,144 women | 64,815 more men.

Colorado Springs: 57,993 men to 46,308 women | 11,685 more men.

Boulder: 28,128 men to 23,242 women | 4,886 more men.

Fort Collins metro area: 48,928 men to 41,443 women | 7,485 more men.

State of Colorado: 736,254 to 583,011. A whopping 153,243 more single men than single women in our state!

No matter which way you want to look at it, Menver is in full-force — the capital of a state overwhelmingly male — indeed, a bachelorette’s paradise.

Now, of course, there’s no definitive data on whether or not those single men are looking to settle down with a woman — or whether they’re looking to settle down at all. Even so, we hear the sounds of single ladies rejoicing. As Beyonce says, “Put your hands up!”

Data was calculated per the 2015 American Community Survey, part of the U.S. Census, under the report “Sex by Marital Status by Age for the Population: 15 Years and Over.”

What do you think? Have you heard the term “Menver” before? Do you believe that single men outnumber women in our area? Tell us in the comments below!

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