With a new location comes new possibilities. In its 15th year, Global Dance Festival is kicking it up a notch in a major way for electronic music lovers.

Global Dance Festival has been a tried and true EDM festival revered by Colorado music lovers and beyond for YEARS. Well, this year a location change from Red Rocks Amphitheater to Sports Authority Field at Mile High has opened up new possibilities and experiences within the festival that will set a huge precedent for years to come. If you already have plans for July 21-22, cancel them, because you don’t want to miss Global Dance Festival 2017.

Each year, Global Dance Festival has brought in an extensive and crowd-riling lineup to festival attendees. Even back in its Rave on the Rocks days, Global Dance managed to pull out some of the top hitters in the rave world. This year, once again, the team has pulled together a mind-blowing weekend filled with everything from heavy hitting bass to melodic feely trance. With the new and bigger location, the festival now boasts FOUR themed stages: Global Summit, Northern Lights, Tundra, and The Amazon: Silent Disco. Get your hankies ready for the drool you’re about to produce upon viewing this lineup.

Global Dance Festival


Any experienced festivalgoer maps out their plan of attack. It’s key to know the lay of the land and plan accordingly so you can run from one stage to the other and make the sets you simply need to see. The location change has made that aspect a bit simpler, given the fact we no longer have to run stadiums at Red Rocks to get to the artists we’re dying to see! Aside from running back and forth to stages, Global Dance Festival 2017 offers so much more than just mind-blowing sets by your favorite DJs.

In addition to having four new stages, there will be several new installations that will occupy festival attendees between all the dancing and bass-y goodness. Artist-submitted art installations will be set up for your viewing pleasure. There will also be an entire “Arcave” set up, which is pretty much exactly what it says — an arcade cave. The Arcave will feature games such as Pac-man, Galaga, Tron, and Asteroids — a big throw-back and nice place to check out if you want a little break from dancing.

If arcade games aren’t quite your thing, Global Dance Festival will be significantly stepping up its game in the food department. Instead of having your traditional Red Rocks stadium fare, there will be an entire Food Truck Lane. Here, festivalgoers will have a huge selection of different foods and drinks to refuel between sets.

Photography – Global Dance Festival 2016; MLHobby Photography

But the coup de gras? CARNIVAL RIDES!!! With the space Sports Authority Field at Mile High provides there will be a large section specifically dedicated to carnival rides — an element I am personally extremely excited about! Only the biggest and best festivals boast a ferris wheel, and now, GDF has one! Many a selfie will be taken at the top of those rides, so prep those hashtags, people. You don’t want to miss that photo op!

Overall, the weekend of July 21-22 is expected to be one for the history books. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, you need to. Just when you thought Global Dance Festival couldn’t get any better, they’ve throw a million and four new elements at us, and we couldn’t be more excited.

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