Sick of forgetting to move your car and getting fined on sweeping days? Now you can get alerts sent straight to your phone!

Sweeping days are an important aspect of any city. The City of Denver is keeping its promise to keep Denver’s streets as clean as possible — that’s for sure. As the streets are being cleaned, many residents are feeling the pain (and price tag) of not moving their cars to the designated sides of the street for proper cleaning. Well, Denver has come up with a solution.

There are, of course, plenty of signs that give warning to the days and times of street sweeping, advising drivers of parking restrictions during these times. But we’re all human, and sometimes we forget things, like moving our car out of the way of street sweepers. This forgetful example of human error can result in a $50 parking citation.

Residential streets in Denver are swept once per month in areas where signs are posted. To eliminate the risk of getting a fine — and getting in the way of sweeping days — Denver officials are urging city residents to sign up for free sweeping days reminders that get sent directly to your phone.

Pocketgov, the city’s mobile app, provides text and email alerts to users, and residents can sign up through their website. This is a great initiative that keeps streets clean and keeps money in Denver residents’ pockets!

The Greenwood Village Police gave a very special escort off the highway.