She did it! Deaf singer Mandy Harvey’s voice carried her past the other “America’s Got Talent” contestants, assuring her the Golden Buzzer and a spot on the live shows, which will air later in the season.

Beware: watching Mandy Harvey’s awe-inspiring performance in the video below will very possibly bring you to tears.

Accompanied by her sign language interpreter, a keyboardist and an electric bass guitar, the deaf singer from Longmont appeared on Tuesday’s episode of the NBC reality competition show to perform her original song “Try.” And it was beautiful.

“It was incredible,” judge Simon Cowell said, hugging Harvey on stage following her incredible performance. “I’ve done this a long time. That was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen and heard.”

Cowell was the one who pressed the Golden Buzzer, sending Harvey straight through to the competition’s live shows later in the season. Basically, her talent was so impressive that, unlike most contestants, she will not have to compete in the rounds of competition between now and then.

Becoming deaf at the age of 18, Harvey was forced to drop out of Colorado State University where she was studying to become a voice teacher. She experienced depression for about a year before taking her father’s advice to try singing again — even though she wouldn’t be able to hear it. Now Harvey uses the vibrations on the floor to stay on beat and a special digital pitch device to make sure she starts a song on key. Beyond that, she relies on muscle memory to keep her voice on tune throughout the rest of the song.



Image courtesy of Mandy Harvey’s Facebook page

We are so proud of Mandy Harvey! What an inspiration! Please congratulate her below!

Featured image courtesy of NBC/America’s Got Talent.

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