Stick those flip-flops back in the closet and slip on those snow boots for one more wet, slushy weekend. But will we finally be done with snowfall for the season?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for this. Long-time Colorado residents know that even though everything is budding and blooming in April, we’re not really done with wintry weather — especially after a winter like we just had when snowfall and snow days were unusually scarce. It’s easy to be fooled by the warmer temps, but remember — anything is possible.

According to the National Weather Service, the latest in the spring that Denver’s ever received measurable snowfall (since records have been kept, anyway!) was actually June 12, 1947. Few of us were around to remember the half-inch of snow that accumulated just a few days before Father’s Day that year. After all, it was 70 years ago!


A late spring snowstorm breaks branches on trees.

In general, the average date of the metro area’s last snowfall is April 26, so it’s definitely not completely out of the norm to see snow in May. In fact, though 2016’s last snow occurred on April 30, the three previous years’ snow happened the following month:

2015 — May 10

2014 — May 12

2013 — May 2

Thanks to some detailed National Weather Service records, you could do the math and see that in the last 140 years, it has actually snowed in May about 33 percent of the time. When the temperature drops low enough and precipitation moves in at the same time, one inch of would-be rain can equal 10 inches of snow pretty quickly!

Here are some snow accumulation stats of interest (thanks to Fox 31):

May 18-20, 1915 — 3.9 inches

May 20-21, 1931 — 4.6 inches

May 25-26, 1950 — 10.7 inches

May 15-16, 1957 — 8.8 inches

May 29, 1975 — 5.6 inches

May 17, 1983 — 7.1 inches

The 10-day forecast is looking pretty good from here on out, so chances are, this is the last snowfall we’ll enjoy until fall. So use up the last of your firewood (we didn’t get the chance to use much of it in this warmer winter!), make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, and watch those chunky flakes fall. If you’re a homeowner, just remember to shake that heavy snow off your tree branches before they break!

Are you enjoying this possible last snowfall of the season? Were you around for the June snowfall of ’47? We’d love to hear about it!

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