Even when everything is going wrong, the world will always have tacos. Life is better with tacos, so here’s where to go for the best tacos in every state!

Tacos are quickly becoming a staple in the American food scene. Gone are the days when a simple ground beef taco could satisfy our cravings. Now we’re spoiled with fancy ingredients, variety, and a lot of tasty margaritas to go along with them! Luckily for all of us, Spoon University did the ground work for us and found the best tacos in every state!

I’m sure you’re wondering – where can I get the best tacos in Colorado? Well, according to Spoon University’s list, the best tacos in Colorado are found at Illegal Petes!

Other highlights on the list include:

Arizona – Taco Guild

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A one-of-a-kind dining experience that will leave you wanting more. Taco Guild can be found in an old Methodist church that still features stunning stained glass and church pews.

California – Guisados

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Not only do they have the best tacos in California, but Guisados is a dream for indecisive people like me. Their taco sampler lets you try six different mini tacos. Their entire menu is gluten-free too!

Florida – Bodega

Next time you’re in Miami, make sure Bodega is on your list of must-sees. Make sure you grab a drink from their tequila bar to accompany your tacos!

Kansas – Carniceria La Siete

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I mean, they have $1 tacos. Do I really need to convince you with something else?

Maryland – Barcocina

A nice mix of classic Mexican food with a new American flavor. If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, try their eggplant parmesan tacos. They also serve fantastic brunch!

Missouri – Seoul Taco

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It’s time to give Korean-Mexican fusion a chance! They may only have one taco on the menu, but it’s so tasty that they’re planning on opening a new location in Illinois soon!

New Mexico – El Parasol

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El Parasol is a great stop for an on-the-go taco — you won’t find any tables or chairs here! Personally, I recommend the chicken tacos, but you can’t go wrong when their secret sauce is on everything.

Pennsylvania – Distrito Restaurant

A great modern twist on traditional Mexican food. Spoon University recommends the Carne Cobe taco, which has steak, truffle potato, tomato-horseradish sauce, and Yukon fries all on a taco.

Texas – Torchy’s Tacos

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This spot for the best tacos in Texas started out as a tiny food truck in Austin. They made their name with their free chips and salsa, and they’ve only gotten a better reputation since.

Utah – Lone Star Taqueria

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Spoon University recommends the fish taco at this spot. In fact, they’ve even been featured on “Diners, Drive-ins & Dives.” They’ve got plenty of options for those of you who don’t enjoy fish.

Virginia – Boka Tako Bar

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This is another taco place that started as a food truck! They offer a gourmet take on the classic Mexican dish, with offerings like a duck confit taco that will leave you wondering how you’ll ever go back to normal tacos.

What’s your favorite place to satisfy your taco craving? Share your favorites with us down in the comments!

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