Necessity is the mother of invention, and that’s exactly what prompted chef Tyler Peoples to create his design for a multi-use scooping bowl.

With snazzy features to help any cook in the kitchen, the bowl landed Peoples a solid investment on an episode of ABC’s “Shark Tank,” which aired May 5. The Colorado Springs chef accepted a $75,000 deal from entrepreneur Lori Greiner in exchange for a third of his company, Peoples Design Inc. The episode was filmed back in September.

“I came up with this bowl that (can) also be a strainer, colander and even two bowls at once….” Peoples explains. “It saves time and space in the kitchen.”

Shark Tank

The scooping bowl can serve as a mixing bowl with pour spout and includes a removable squeegee-like spatula that can scoop out cooking ingredients in one smooth movement, leaving practically no mess behind. The spatula can also separate the bowl into two water-tight sections and has egg separator and straining functions as well.

“As a professional chef, I have designed this go-to kitchen product to help at-home chefs create spectacular dishes faster, cleaner and more effectively,” Peoples’ web site states.

Though he invented the scooping bowl more than 10 years ago while working as a chef at the Briarhurst Manor in Manitou Springs, Peoples only sold 200 of the bowls at trade shows and online before his appearance on Shark Tank. Since the airing, however, sales have skyrocketed.

“When the show aired, we had a great response, and our website crashed several times,” Peoples told The Gazette. “The emails haven’t stopped coming in, and we sold out our inventory of 1,000 units almost immediately, and we had about 2,000 more on backorder as of Tuesday. The next step is to get this product in Lori’s pipeline. It would be silly for me to do something she is much better at than I am.”

For the rest of the details behind the product’s long-in-coming success, check out the full story on Or check out the Peoples Design web site for product details and order information.

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