Are you ready to go off-road? First, you’ve got to make sure you’re training properly.

Road running and trail running are two completely different beasts. Roading running is typically done on smoother terrains, while trail running is done on uneven surfaces and varied terrains. Both are challenging and have different physical demands on one’s body. The largest difference between the two is that trail running lives in the unknown and unexpected; roots, tree limbs, stray rocks, and wild animals make for a demanding and highly physical experience that you don’t get when road running.



How do you know you’re prepared for trail running?

With these varied training plans for three race distances (5K, 10K, and half marathon), you’ll be ready to hit the dirt and sign up for a race that will push you to certain limits that you didn’t think you could reach previously.

Training Plan | 5K
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A 5K doesn’t seem too daunting a course since the distance is short enough for just about anyone to conquer. However, it can be easy to get ahead of yourself and burn out too fast before reaching the finish line. With a proper training plan, the 5K trail race will be a walk in the park.

Training Plan | 10K
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Not too fast, but not too slow. The 10K trail race hits a sweet spot in the middle, with 6.2 miles of trail for you to work up a sweat. Don’t be deceived though. When mountains, rocks and uneven terrain are added in, it can make for a more difficult journey. Learn how to prepare for the race with the appropriate training plan.

Training Plan | Half Marathon
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13.1 miles places the half marathon on a whole new level of difficulty. It’s long enough to challenge just about every runner, making it a beast all its own. Learn how to focus on endurance, strength and toughness with a training plan that will prepare you for the long haul.


Now that you’ve received the proper training to conquer any length of trail race, find a race that fits seamlessly with your needs while being simultaneously challenging. POWDR Resorts has put together a trail running experience of a lifetime, offering gorgeous views of the most iconic mountain resorts in the United States. Get immersed in different climates, varied distances and heightening elevations intended to push athletes to their personal limits and beyond. Register for the Under Armour Mountain Running Series today!

Mt. Bachelor, Oregon | July 21-22
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This Pacific Northwest single track course is not only vertically challenging, but it will give you breathtaking views from the peak of a volcano.

Killington, Vermont | August 18-20
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Nestled in the heart of the Appalachian and Long Trails, there’s plenty of diverse types of terrain and levels of difficulty for you to experience.

Copper Mountain, Colorado | September 8-10
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With 35 miles of trails surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, the course is located at one of the largest ski resorts in Summit County.

Are you ready to accept the challenge? Register now, and be part of the running experience of a lifetime!

Take a break from the extreme training and take it easy by going on a hike. Here are some hiking tips to keep in mind this summer!