In early April, word got out that Denver City Council was considering extending the closing time for retail marijuana shops. The motion has passed – late night tokers, rejoice!

Starting next Monday, May 1, marijuana shops in Denver will be able to stay open until 10 p.m. A three-hour jump from the previous 7  p.m. closing time requirement.


On April 24, the Denver City Council voted 11-2 to approve the motion for marijuana retail stores to stay open later. The process involved rolling back a series of amendments that would have limited the longer hours.

The months-long process to lengthen the closing time involved a fair bit of back and forth on all sides of the issue. Councilwoman Kendra Black suggested the extended hours are a matter of convenience for the consumers. There is also a matter of the marijuana stores’ ability to compete with neighboring towns. The State currently allows marijuana stores to be open until midnight, and several surrounding cities indeed have longer hours than the 7 p.m. requirement placed upon Denver. Aurora, Boulder and Commerce City all allow their shops to stay open until 10 p.m. Shops in Glendale and Edgewater are permitted to stay open until midnight.

closing time

(Photo By Craig F. Walker / The Denver Post / 2015)

Ultimately though, there seemed to be little fuss among the Denver community one way or the other regarding the time change. Amidst other concerns surrounding the marijuana industry in Denver, such as odors and proliferation of grow-ops in low-income neighborhoods, it seemed the general public wasn’t too worried about what time their local marijuana shop closed.

Regardless, the motion has passed and Denver stores will now close three hours later, which will make things much more convenient for those later-in-the-evening marijuana runs. What do you think about the time change? Does it affect you one way or the other? We want to hear what you think!


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